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Silvija Pirtovšek

Silvija graduated from at Faculty of Economics and Business  in Slovenia and earned a Master's degree in economics and business. She has been working as a producer at Festival Velenje since its establishment  in 2008. 

Festival Velenje organises, coordinates and connects cultural, theatre, music and visual activities. The biggest projects and productions that she directed, organised, coordinated left a trail not only on a state but also on a international level: musicals The Wizard of Oz (2010), Aladdin (2012), the chamber opera Zmikavt and the old virgin (2014), “Režijska vaja za opero” (2015), Balkan dance project vol.1 (2015), Balkan dance project vol2 (2016), family musical Frog Greta (2016) Balkan dance project vol3 (2017) and recently dance performance Twinkle Sleepyhead. Her motto is to present art to the young audience and to leave a trail to young generations for a better future.

Nataša Hajdarević

Nataša  has received her diploma at High School of Music, Department of ballet, as the only graduate student in 1994. At the National Theater Sarajevo she has played a role in ballet performance (“Zla žena”, “The Lady with the Camellias”). During the war, in the besieged Sarajevo, she has played in ballet performance “Bolero” and drama productions “Tvrdava” and “Sarajevska trokuka”. For affirmation and preservation of the ballet art in the besieged Sarajevo, the International Festival “Sarajevska zima” (Sarajevo Winter) has awarded Nataša with public recognition (2017). She has co-founded “Tanzelarija”, Association for Promotion and Affirmation of Dance. She has also organised I and II State Ballet Competition, I Regional and III International Competition for ballet schools. She got her diploma at University of Sarajevo, Department “Management in sport”, with the award as a best student of the year. She holds M.A. in Cultural Management as well as Golden Award of University of Sarajevo. 

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