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Igor Kirov


Completed his dance education at Rotterdam Dance Academy in The Netherlands. After 20 years of a long career in various European dance companies, Kirov decided to focus on his choreographic work. In 2007 he found his own project; "The Kirov Dance Company" with whom he did more then 10 short and long works, who where awarded in choreography competitions in Beijing China , Las Palmas Spain, Hannover Germany, Belgrade Serbia and performed in festivals in Macedonia, Spain, Korea, USA, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, BIH and Serbia. Kirov so far created works for many companies around the world such as Macedonian National Ballet, Opera National de Bordeaux in France, Croatian National Theatre in Split, Opera Graz in Austria, State theatres in Germany (Darmstadt, Oldenburg, Mainz, Braunschweig...) Orlando Ballet in USA, Equilibro Dinamico in Italy and many more. He is a guest teacher in dance academies in Belgrade, Skopje and Tokyo. In 2016 Macedonian Ministry of culture awarded him as an artist of the year affirming the Macedonian culture. Kirov was an artistic director of the ballet at the Croatian National theatre in Split.(Shows: He He helium, Stories, The Cube Untold, Što te nema, Svi marš na ples). 

Aleksandar Ilić 

Is a first soloist and choreographer of National theatre Belgrade. He choreographed for National Theatre in Belgrade, BITEF theatre, Cultural Centre Rex, KC Grad, UK Parobrod, Madlenianum Opera & Theatre Serbia and Sarajevo National Theatre. He is one of the founders of the Association of professional ballet dancers, choreographers and ballet pedagogues of Serbia and initiator of Serbian Dance award Terpsihora. Aleksandar is an Editor in Chief of the publication for artistic dance - CTEPART (Stepart) and holds Bachelor in Communications and MA in choreography at the Conservatory of Music and Dance Trinity Laban. He has won many awards. He is the founder of The Belgrade Dance Institute, the first institution of higher education of this type. He is an author of poetry book Holiday Heart (1999-2010) and In the presence of a whisper (2013) and from 2016 he was an artistic director of BELEF festival. (Shows: Reminiscence After Sonnets,  Blasphemy in St. Florian's valley and Twinkle Sleepyhead, Možiček).

Ivana Hadžihasanović 
Ivana 01bw.jpg

Is currently PhD student at the Faculty of Education, University of Sarajevo, with the support of the Neurophysiological Institute of the University of Ljubljana- Clinical Centre. Since 2006, Hadžihasanović has been working as a ballet pedagogue in OMBŠ  "Novo Sarajevo", and since 2012 she has danced as a freelancer in contemporary dance performances such as Body without text (2012 - performed in Serbia), You never know when is the End in 2014 (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Greece) and the Garden of Earthly Joys (2015 -BiH). Ivana is the creator of MD Creative Therapy, and author of the book "Music, Dance and Children with Special Needs" (2015) , she also wrote a dozen of scientific papers in the field of dance therapy and music pedagogy. She is an artistic director of the NGO Tanzelarija, which promotes modern and contemporary dance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. ( Shows: Signs by the Roadside). 

Stefaniya Georgieva 
Stefaniya - photo - Vasil Germanov.jpg

is Bulgarian choreographer and performer; a co-founder of ATOM theatre company.  Stefaniya graduated with a BA in Puppetry at National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. During her education she was inspired of the base concept of the puppetry – many people who breathe as one move as one, think as one and see through the eyes of a lifeless object (puppet) with a desire to bring it to life. That concept of the collective body, motion, and mind is the base of her explorations. Stefaniya’s professional choreographic debut was in 2013. Since then, she has created various works which were presented in Bulgaria, across Europe and South Korea. Stefaniya gave ‘Collective body’ dance workshops in Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, and Greece . ( Shows: Crave ) 

Ognjen Vučinić 
2020-01-19 09.58.13 1.jpg

is  a dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue. A long time member of Zagreb Dance Ensemble (professional contemporary dance company in Croatia) which marked his dance career from 2001 until today, where he danced the entire repertoire of performances. He was born in 1980 in Pula, Croatia. At the age of four, he began attending classical ballet courses at the Zaro dance studio. In 2000, at the invitation of choreographer Rajko Pavlić, he came to Zagreb to work on the "Ready Steady Go" project at the Liberdance dance studio. He has participated in numerous productions of the independent dance scene in the roles of dancer, choreographer and assistant choreographer. He won the Croatian Theater Award for Best Dance Performance in 2006, 2010 and 2012 and the Jury Award for the performance “Randez vous" at the Belgrade Choreographic Miniature Festival and the Grand Prix for the performance "Ti" at the Algerian Dance Festival. In 2019, he became a permanent professor at the Department of Contemporary Dance at the Belgrade Dance Institute.  (Shows: Korak Kameni)

Daša Grgič 
Dasa Grgic choreographer photo by Lara Parentin.jpg

Dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance teacher and dance educator with a Nikolais-Louis Technique Teacher Certificate Program (NLTTCP) in Florence. She has deepened her studies under the guidance of acclaimed artist Carolyn Carlson and danced in a film project with the Carolyn Carlson company in Paris. With her own performances and projects (VAL, BodyunTitled, DIH.respiro) she’s been present at various international festivals (Tanzhaus Nrw Düsseldorf, Festival June events Paris, Teatro Municipal Colón del Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Expanse Festival Edmonton Canada, CPR Center for performance research New York) and received many awards. Her short dance film “BodyunTitled” won first prize at the 9th SidebySide Düsseldorf International Dance Festival. The modern short dance film “DIH.breath" won first prize at the XVI Internacional de Videodanzaba Buenos Aires Festival.Daša also received a Slovenian award "Listina Mete Vidmar" in 2014, a special award given by the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities in the Field of Dance.(Shows: Plenir)

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