Balkan dance project announces an audition for Slovenian dancers for a two dance performances by Edhem Jesenković and Daša Grgič. Audition will be held on the 11th of June at 10 am at Plesni Theatre Ljubljana. Send short bios, profile photo and other information; 

We are looking for a dancers with a solid classical and contemporary technique, dancers should be able to improvise as well. 

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Balkan dance project dancers ( Branko Mitrovic and Jaksa Filipovac)  performed a short choreography "If I can" by our choreographer Igor Kirov at Inter Ballet Gala at State Theatre Detmold Germany in May. 

Photo: Arek Glebocki

A dance performance for children and adults "Možiček" by Slovenian composer Josip Ipavac was successfully  be premiered on the stage of the Small Theater Duško Radović Belgrade. 

Photo: Belkiša Beka Abdulović

Dance to unite! Happy New Year and a lot of love in 2022 from Balkan Dance Project Team

photo credit: Ksenija Mikor

Balkan Dance Project concluded a year 2021 with a new dance performance Možiček, where we celebrate 100 years of Slovenian first ballet Možiček and its composer mr. Josip Ipavec. This time Možiček is fresh, new and adoptable to this contemporary time we are living in. Choreographers of Možiček are Aleksandar Ilić from Serbia and Gjergji Prevazi from Albania. 

photo credit: Ksenija Mikor
photo credit: Ksenija Mikor

Photo: Rok Deželak