Dance to unite! Happy New Year and a lot of dancing in 2021 from Balkan Dance Project Team

Balkan Dance Project is taking part in a new dance film Nutschell

Upon the invitation by Mannakin Theatre and Dance Company from San Francisco, under the leadership of Nathan Cottam,  BDP took part in a new dance film Nutschell.  The film was inspired by ballet Nutcracker and follows an original libretto and original music by Tchaikovsky.  Mannakin Theatre and Dance invited different ballet companies and choreographers around the world to create and film short choreographies. In accordance to social distancing measures, choreographer Aleksandar Ilić created a magic atmosphere of Christmas Eve through contemporary movement and animal behaviour. 

Igor Kirov, a Macedonian choreographer with an international career, created a dynamic dance performance based on the favourite and well-known hits of “Bijelo Dugme” (famous You Rock group), which is roughly set in an imaginary youth work brigade during a summer work action in the first half of the 1980s.The energy of the dancers ( Luka Ostrež, Mojca Majcen, Endi Schrotter, Jakša Filipovac, Luka Živković, Branko Mitrović, Teodora Radivojević, Zulejha Kećo and Emir Fejzić) and dedication to modern ballet, along with the music of Goran Bregović and imaginative choreography are a guarantee of a fresh and innovative theatrical experience. The dramaturgy is made by Goran Golovko,  the executive producer of the performance is Nataša Hajdarević on behalf of the Association "Živimo balet" from Sarajevo, in co-production with the Velenje Festival. This is a short version of the full length performance which is expected to happen in 2021. 

At a time when theatres and dance studios were closed, when all performances were cancelled, the BDP team decided that the project should not stop and that we need to continue creating under different conditions. All this encouraged artists to be even more creative and to make a dance documentary film with the basic goal; to leave an archived trace of some strange time and show that connecting people and creating art really has no limits. You can see the Balkan Dance Movie on the 23rd of July- live on Facebook page of Bosanski kulturni centaur Sarajevo.