Teodora Sujić

Teodora graduated as the first generation of the Department of Literature (Theory and History of World Literature) at the Faculty of Philology- University of Belgrade and at the Institute for Journalism in Belgrade. She was an advisor of (nine) ministers of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, managing the commissions for Artistic Creation. She is an associate of the only publication in Serbia for ballet and contemporary dance; Stepart and an editor-in-chief. The author of the novel “Capsella bursa pastoris”, based on which Aleksandar Ilic, created a ballet “The festival of love”. For Balkan dance project she has been an advisor for the selection of individual works, concepts, has been working as a consulter for literature and was an artists in show “Reminiscence”. She helped translating the only published professional book by prima ballerina prof. Tanje Vujsić Todorovski from Macedonia, dealing with the fundamental significance of systematic training of repetition ballet. Permanent collaborator for magazines of classical music “Muzika Klasika”, author of numerous articles related to relevant events in the world of dance, from classical and neoclassical ballet to contemporary dance and folk dance. She has won many significant awards in the field of culture.(Shows: Reminiscence, After Sonnets, Blasphemy in St. Florian's valley). 

Aleksandar Nikolić  

A theatre director, graduated theatre and radio directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, where he is currently at the final year of doctoral studies in the field of audiovisual arts. He has also studied art history (Faculty of Philosophy), as well as industrial design (Belgrade Polytechnic). He was successfully trained in Brescia (Italy), Hannover (Germany). In season 2015/16 he was hired by Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London as Director on opera "Traviati" In year 2015 he was selected as an assistant professor at the Institute for contemporary dance Belgrade. He has held international master classes in Israel and Serbia for opera singers and their interpretation of musical and verbal material in opera. From the season 2009/10 he is engaged in the Opera of the National Theatre in Belgrade as the director of the maintenance and restoration of the current opera repertoire: "Carmen", "Traviata", "Figaro marriage", "Don Pasquale" , etc. (Shows: Blasphemy in St- Florian's valley and Twinkle Sleepyhead).

Svea Thalia Čatić
Svea 01 bw.jpg

Choreography assistance and rehearsal director- Svea is a ballet teacher at JU OMBŠ  "Novo Sarajevo". Svea was born in Sarajevo, where she graduated from primary school with elementary and secondary music school in Sarajevo (department for classical ballet). She graduated at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Sarajevo. She is a co-author of the book Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance - in search of perfection of movement, which is used for students of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before the start of the aggression in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she played in the plays "The Evil Woman" and "The Lady with Camellias" at the National Theatre in Sarajevo "and recorded several episodes of the children's educational series" The Stories of Classical Antiquities ". In the surrounded Sarajevo, she danced in the famous ballet performance "Bolero" and the plays "Tvrđava" and "Sarajevska trokuka". She is a winner of the award  "Srebrna pahuljica" by the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2017. (Shows: Signs by the Roadside, Što te nema).  

Nemanja Naumoski

Choreography assistance- Nemanja is a graduate of the National Dance School in Belgrade. He is performing in various musicals at Theatre on Terazije in Belgrade since 2000, including Kiss Me Kate, Cigani lete u nebo, Chicago, Some Like It Hot, Cabaret, Sweet Charity etc. He is a winner of The best domestic choreographer award at the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures and has performed with the BITEF Dance Company since 2009 in pieces including Jasmin Vardimon Company’s Yesterday in March 2013, as well as Myth of Cinnamon, The Divine Comedy by Edward Clug and many more...(Shows: The Cube Untold, Što te nema).

Zoran Lešić

Studied to be a theatre actor and in 1976 joined Kamerni teatar 55 Sarajevo. In his 30’s, he abandoned his aim of becoming an actor and dedicated his whole life, private and professional existence, to photography. Zoran is recognised as an innovative photographer whose dynamic works have connection to painting and theatre. In 1997, he joined the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) as a Crime Scene Photographer. Traces of his war experience and his current work at the ICTY reverberate throughout his photographs, which deal with themes such as life, war, love and catharsis. Together with his wife and artistic partner, Mirjana, he produced and directed number of theatre and dance projects, among them: “Wat nou┝, “Skapen's frauds”, “Werktuig”, Lady with Camellias and He,he,helium . Zoran stands behind 55 solo projects and exhibitions.  (Shows: Signs by the Roadside, He He Helium). 

Mirjana Blažević Lešić

In 1976 graduated Theatrology and Dramaturgy at The Sarajevo University of Fine Arts, major World literature and performing arts. The same year she graduated Comparative literature and Librarianship at the University of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Mirjana has a strong background in theatre, consisting of numerous productions with professional and semi professional theatres. She made a number of adaptations and productions: “The white room” within the project “Hotel Europe - Salon Futura Rotterdam - Holland, “Skapen’s frauds”,  assistant director of the performance “Werktuig” (PJ Partners and Korzo Theater, Den Haag), dance performance “Petite Valises dansantes” (Dance Company CIE Jasmina and La Tortue Magique/Theatre du Parc, Orleans, France) and most notably, dramaturgy for choreo-drama “Lady of the Camellias” (Dance Theater IGEN), for which she won the prize for Best Drama Concept at 14th International Theatre Fest in Sarajevo. (Shows: Signs by the Roadside, He He Helium). 

Natalie Iwaniec

 Is a freelance artist, dancer, teacher and choreographer of Gaga Technique from Poland, she lives and creates in London. She finished her Master's degree in dance theatre at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Since 2010 she is an associate choreographer and founder of the Gaga technique by Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance Company. She is a professor of contemporary dance techniques and Gaga at the Conservatory of Music and Dance Trinity Laban in London, NCSD Leeds. In 2016 she founded the dance company NaNa Collective based in London. Associate choreographer for the performance After Sonnets.