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Mojca Majcen
Mojca 01.jpg

Graduated in 1998 with honours at the Conservatory for ballet in Maribor under the mentorship of Iko Otrin. After graduation she danced several variations from classical ballets (Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Seasons, Shop dolls, etc.) for Slovenian National Theatre Maribor. She continued her education home and abroad (Budapest, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Berlin and at renowned group Nederland Dance Theatre) and started working with internationally renowned teachers, ballet masters and choreographers. In 2011 Mojca received a bronze coat of arms of Municipality of Celje for her cultural achievements in the field of dance. In 2012 and 2021 she was voted as the best dancer in Slovenia. Since 2011 she has a status of independent cultural artist of Republic of Slovenia. As a guest dancer and ballerina she cooperates with international choreographers, dance groups from Slovenia and abroad. (Shows: He He Helium, Reminiscence, Stories, The Cube Untold, After Sonnets, Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley, Signs by the roadside, Što te nema, Twinkle Sleepyhead,  Crave, Svi Marš na ples, Se spomniš Spomina, Možiček).

Branko Mitrović
Branko 01.jpg

Is a professional dancer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently lives and works in Belgrade. He graduated from the Belgrade Dance Institute at the Department of Contemporary and modern dance. He works at Terazije Theater where he is dancing almost all titles of famous musicals (Mama Mia, Chicago, Some like it hot, Sweet Charity, Mister Dollar, Zona Zamfirova, Phantom from the opera, Gypsies fly to Heaven...). He is a member of the Bitef Dance Company where he danced in choreographies by Constanza Macras, Dunja Jocic, Felix Lavender, etc. In Belgrade he is also engaged in several private productions in the field of theatre and artistic creation. He is the winner of the Special prize of the Association of professional ballet dancers, choreographers and ballet pedagogues of Serbia. He is also a winner of the prestigious scholarship at Jacob's Pillow School of Music at the Jazz / Musical Dance Theatre program in USA. (Shows: The Cube Untold, After Sonnets, Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley, Signs by the roadside, Što te nema , Twinkle Sleepyhead, Crave, Svi Marš na ples, Se spomniš Spomina, Možiček).

Jakša Filipovac
Jaksa 01 bw.jpg

Is a student of Belgrade Dance Institute and a teacher of contemporary department at Ballet high school Lujo Davičo Belgrade. He started his dancing career as a latin dancer and later he made a transition to modern and contemporary dance. He won first award on a National competition of ballet schools in Serbia. He danced in choreographies: 4 Songs for Tadio in choreography of Aleksandar Ilić in National Thetare in Belgrade, in Opera La Serva Padrona (director Aleksandar Nikolić, choreography: Aleksandar Ilić , Dance Macabre and Panonska Saga by Tijana Malek. He is a member of the Bitef Dance Company where he danced in choreographies by Constanza Macras, Dunja Jocic, Felix Lavender, Isidora Stanišić, etc. He won a scholarship from the Fund for Young Talents of Belgrade city and a special artistic award Terpsihora. (Shows: The Cube Untold, After Sonnets, Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley, Signs by the roadside, Što te nema ,Twinkle Sleepyhead, Svi Marš na ples, Se spomniš Spomina, Možiček).

Zulejha Kečo
Zulejha 01 bw.jpg

Graduated at the Music School Sarajevo Department for Classical Ballet. Since 2009, she has been actively participating in the repertoire of the Ballet of the National Theatre Sarajevo, where she has been professionally engaged since 2015. She has performed many roles in the ballet, drama and opera at the National Theatre Sarajevo. She attended many different workshops in BIH, United States, and at the Summer School of Dance in Orleans (France). She collaborated with the companies Carolyn Dorfman Dance and Janis Brenner and Dancers (New York, USA) participating in their seminars and performances. (Shows: Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley, Signs by the roadside, Što te nema, Svi Marš na ples, Se spomniš Spomina).

Luka Živković 

First stepped on the stage at the age of 5 dancing Latin and standard dances. Over the years, his interests went slowly towards modern, jazz and contemporary movement... He has been engaged in several television and theatre projects, been an ensemble dancer for the Terazije Theatre in Belgrade and a guest teacher and choreographer for Dance Factory studio in Belgrade, Serbia. His most recent engagement is dancing onboard Princess Cruises as part of their shows, including the feature role in the original Stephen Schwartz production. (Shows: The Cube Untold, After Sonnets, Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley, Signs by the roadside, Što te nema and Svi Marš na ples).

Ema Janković
Ema 01 bw.jpg

Is a professional dancer, educator, and choreographer from Croatia. She graduated from TrinityLaban with BA (Hons) Dance Theatre in London. During that time she has done her placement with NDTII in Netherlands, and with Joss Arnott Dance Company in England. After graduating she worked on various projects like La Femme by Saint Louis Rhino in Croatia, Glasshouses by Lewis Major in London and many others. She was a part of Jasmin Vardimon 2 (JV2) Apprentice Company and she danced as a part of the main Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company in the show Tomorrow at Sadlers Wells. Ema is also a co-founder of "Dance Company &M with Andrea Solomun, in Croatia. In September 2019 she joined an opera production Hippolyte et Aricie in Opera Unter den linden in Berlin. Currently a member of Landesbühnen Sachsen company. (Shows: The Cube Untold, After Sonnets, Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley, Signs by the roadside and Što te nema).

Miona Petrović

Started her basic dance education in her home city Belgrade and continued to educate in Dance Loft Rorschach in Switzerland. She was a member of the theatre group Mimart by Nela Antonović and they performed in the country and abroad. She has been working with many choreographers from Slovenia, Serbia, France and Germany. She is a member of Bitef Dance Company Serbia since its founding in 2009. She has won two awards at the festival of choreographic miniatures in Belgrade ( Who sent me to you, The Encouragement Award and audience Award in National theatre Belgrade in 2011 and Dance solo called Pleiades, The Encouragement Award, 2015). (Shows: Reminiscence, Stories, Twinkle Sleepyhead and Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley).

Nikola Pavlović 

Started dancing in 2010 in Belgrade Dance Centre. From the beginning he learned and worked  hip hop style in next 5 years he was mainly focused on house, popping, locking and vogue. In 2015 he started to be interesting in contemporary and modern dance. He gained his basic education in contemporary and modern dance in Dance studio Ris Belgrade. Nikola is a student of Institute for Contemporary Dance In Belgrade. (Shows: Twinkle Sleepyhead and Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley). 

Adrijana Dančevska

Was educated at the National Ballet School in Skopje - the direction of a modern ballet and she graduated from the Skopje Academy of Fine Arts ESTRA. Since 2014 she is a member of Dance Theatre Skopje.(Shows: Reminiscence and Stories). 

Katarina Stojković  

Completed her education at the National Ballet School Lujo Davico - the direction of the modern ballet and got her bachelor degree at Institute for contemporary dance in Belgrade. The first professional experience brought her into the project BITEF dance company in Belgrade where she danced in several performances. She is a student of a master programme at Institute for contemporary dance Belgrade. She also choreographed full evenings performances: 357, Panonska saga, Strictly confidential. She was an assistant of the choreographer Aleksandar Ilič for ballet Alice in Wonderland for Sarajevo National ballet .(Shows: Reminiscence and Stories). 

Petra Valentić 

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, started dancing at the School for Modern dance Ana Maletić. She studied at the Rotterdam dance academy where she graduated in 2009. She worked for Meekers Uitgesproken Dans. She has been performing works by many different choreographers like Massimiliano Volpini, Larisa Navojec, Krisztina de Chatel, Edan Gorlicki, Andre Gingras and many others. She is a member of Zagreb dance company. (Shows: He He Helium). 

Endi Schrotter

Started his basic dance education  at the School for Modern dance Ana Maletić. In 2011. He took  partin the Supertalent show as a solo dancer and came fourth at the end. Afterwards he studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art - dance department  in Zagreb and graduated in 2019.  His debut was in 2018. with „For four“ – dance work  by choreographer Ognjen Vučinić.  ( Shows: Crave, Svi Marš na ples). 

Kalina Georgieva

is a Bulgarian dancer based in Sofia - part of ATOM theatre company as a main dancer and collaborator. She graduated in Ballet at National School of Dance Art in Sofia in 2016. Since then she has participated in various international dance and theatre projects. Her debut was in 2014 with the "P.S. Yavorov" - dance work of ATOM theatre company. ( Shows: Crave)

Dorina Puncheva
DSCF3232 copy.jpg

is a Bulgarian dancer who has been dancing for more than twenty years. She started at four years of age in Roberta Ballet. In 2013 Dorina was accepted in the National Academy of Theatrical and Film Arts with Dance Theatre. During her education, Dorina travelled to the United States of America due to a workshop from which she was chosen. There she participated in a play by Artifact Dance Project, that was performed in the state of Arizona.After graduating, Dorina got the chance to participate in the following plays: "Kukeri", Stefaniya Georgieva, “Mandala", Dune Dance Company, "Cold", ATOM Theatre. ( Shows: Crave)

Luka Ostrež

Luka Ostrež is a Slovenian dancer, who got a bachelor degree from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK) in 2018. In the season 2018/2019 he got an internship position in Dance Company Theatre Osnabrück. He danced in choreographies from: Barak Marshall, Ihsan Rustem, Renaud Wiser, Lorand Zachar, Emanuelle Soavi, Itzik Galili, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Michael Schumacher, Jasmin Morand, Mauro de Candia, Marco Goecke, Edward Clug, Mary Wigman and Samir Calixto. (Shows: Se spomniš Spomina) 

Patricija Crnkovič

Patricija Crnkovič graduated from Codarts, University of Arts, Rotterdam (2020). During her studies she performed in pieces of Marco Goecke, Hofesh Shechter, Ihsan Rustem, Antonin Comestaz, Jiri Kylian, Neel Veerdorn… She did internship with ICK Amsterdam and Isabelle Beernaert Dance Company. Patricija worked as a freelance dancer with Alejandro Alvarez Longines, Miguel Angel Berna, Matjaž Farič, Blanca Arrieta.. In 2017, she won 2nd prize on Eurovision Young Dancers. (Shows: Možiček) 

Teodora Radivojević

Teodora Radivojević, took her first jazz style dance steps at the age of 4. As the time passed, she replaced jazz moves with modern and contemporary ones. Graduated from primary ballet school  in Banja Luka. She participated in many theatre dance projects in her hometown, Banja Luka.  She attended dance department at Codarts - University of the Arts in Rotterdam. While in Netherlands, she collaborated with famous international coreographers: Lorand Zacher, Maciej Kuzminski, Neel Verdoorm, Marta Reig Torres, Mario Camacho. (Shows: Svi Marš na Ples) 

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