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Balkan Dance Project (BDP)is an international dance platform bringing together young, successful and promising choreographers, dancers and other artists from Western Balkan. Through their stories, the artists share their individualism as well explore many experiences of living in the balkan region. Each of them through its unique aesthetic touches on both, individual and universal topics that concern us all.  The project brings creativity, integration of artists from different countries but with common cultural heritage, mobility of cultural workers and intercultural dialogue in the language of art. BDP as well develops and promotes modern and contemporary dance in balkan region and presenting dance productions in smaller towns. With BDP we encourage balkan dance scene to reunite and connect as a platform for exchanging ideas of choreographers, dancers, musicians, costume designers and visual artists. BDP connects countries with unique cultural identity and is communicated through the universal language of dance, music and theatre.


16 dance productions,  24 dancers, 7 choreographers, 7 countries, more then 100 performances in 40 theatres, 12 different organisations whose activities operate in the field of performing arts, 40 other artists and more than 30,000 spectators…. To this day, all this has marked and contributed to the development of the Balkan Dance Project dance.


Balkan Dance Project continually presents its productions at theatres and festivals in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria . 

Since BDP is an international platform, all the productions were coproduced by different institutions in collaboration: Festival Velenje Slovenia, House of Culture Slovenia, Happy Family Theatre Sarajevo, Directorate for arts and culture Skopje Macedonia, Professional association of ballet dancers, choreographers and ballet pedagogues of Serbia, Madlenianum Opera&Theatre Serbia, The Institute for Contemporary Dance in Belgrade, Tanzelarija from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Atom Dance Theatre from Bolgaria and Albanian Dance meeting . 

The founders of Balkan Dance Project are choreographer Igor Kirov from Macedonia, dancer Mojca Majcen from Slovenia, choreographer  Aleksandar Ilić from Serbia, director of Festival Velenje- Barbara Pokorny and producer Silvija Pirtovšek.

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