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Plenir is perfect in all segments, and at the same time inspiring. It was about time that we saw this 100-year history of Slovenia in a dance performance.

“Plenir” is a precious basket with which milkmaids and bakers used to go to Trieste to sell agricultural products. The central point of the creation of Daša Grgič's choreographic idea is the exceptional women from Slovenian coast, whose activities helped to survive in the difficult times of the past. They deserve attention, as they are an irreplaceable part of cultural heritage. Their stories and memories are the inspiration for a contemporary dance performance that interweaves movement, words and and concept. 


Choreography: Daša Grgič

Dancers: Mojca Majcen, Luka Ostrež, Urša Rupnik and Branko Mitrović

Music selection: Daša Grgič

Costumes: Anka Rener Kremžar

Photo: Anka Rener Kremžar

Video & Photo: Luca Quaia

Light design: Luka Živković


                                              Dedicated to all grandmothers and grandfathers


Production: Balkan dance project 2022

Coproduction: Teatro stabile Sloveno di Trieste, Festival Velenje, Festival Danceproject and Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Financial support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in the context of the author's project of Mojca Majcen 2022

Executive producer: Silvija Pirtovšek, Barbara Briščik and Valetnina&Claudio Puja

Opening night: 16th of November- Teatro stabile Sloveno di Trieste

Shows: Teatro Stabile Sloveno di Trieste, Festival Arearea Venzone, Sarajevo war theatre BIH, Festival Let's play Trieste, Chiostro Biblioteca Pordenone

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