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"He He Helium" is a first choreo-drama about Yugoslavia with an original music score composed by composer Goran Bojčevski (MAK), choreography was made by Igor Kirov (MAK), Mirjana Blažević Lešić (BIH) made a libretto and an artistic advisor was Zoran Lešić(BIH). 

" He he Helium" finds its inspiration in the eponymous poem by young poetess from Sarajevo, Adisa Bašić and it tells a story of a group of passengers on the Orient Express somewhere at the gateway to Europe..... Travelling from east to west, the train stops for no obvious reason at the Slovene-Croatian border. The group of four young people coincidentally meets in a small second class waiting room at the local train station. They come from various places of post-Yugoslavian space, different from each other (and yet similar), each with their own story, permeated by the cultural and historical tradition of their places.

Choreography: Igor Kirov 

Dramaturgy: Mirjana Blažević Lešić

Theatre advisor: Zoran  Lešić

Music score: Goran Bojčevski

Costume design : Ivona Novak 

Visuals: Matija Kovač

Dancers: Mojca Majcen, Petra Valentić, Armando Disanto and Maurizio Giunti

House of Culture Orchestra, maestro: Simon Dvoršak

Sound designer and music producer: Boštjan Podlesnik

Mastering: Igor Feketija and Dušan Knežević

Light design: Davorin Štorgelj and Matija Kovač 

Producers: House of Culture Celje, Festival Velenje, Happy family theatre BIH, Balkan Dance Project 2013


Sponsors: Embassy of Republic of Macedonia in Slovenia, Forum for slavic cultures, Ministry of education, science, culture and sport of Republic of Slovenia, City Council Velenje, City Council Celje, Grafika Gracer d. o. o., Zavarovalnica Triglav d. d., Zavarovalnica Adriatic Slovenica d. d., Weishaupt d. o. o., Studio Melopoja Slovenj Gradec


Premiere: 2nd of March 2013 in House of Culture Velenje


Shows: SI DANCE FESTIVAL Seoul, Korea, November 2013, Macedonian Opera and ballet, November 2013, Festival Sarajevo Winter, March 2014, Cankarjev dom Slovenia, April 2014, House of Culture Krško, February 2014

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