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This performance has a soul and its soul is Sarajevo. 

The contemporary dance performance SARA-JE-VO aims to explore different ideas about home, privacy, the intimate sphere and boundaries between oneself and the environment, in order to make way for new perceptions of ourselves, our choices and the way we live in our personal spaces. Moreover, it aims to explore the manner in which the society shapes and directs those choices. After several projects, having worked in different constellations, I always go back to the issue of boundaries and the question as to how I can express or highlight certain human conditions using physical vocabulary. The story I carry with me is one of personal survival, through constant questioning, provoking and exploration of myself and my environment and searching for a way to incorporate it in my choreographies.

Dancers / performers are trying to define their own space within society by creating their own rules and infrastructure in the most functional way. As products of a greater unit in which political propaganda and social expectations seem to be solid indicators, the choices are observed through different layers of understanding. Dancers/Performers represent the young generation looking for ways to survive in an antagonistic society. Former Balkan communism and present-day “democracy” are juxtaposed and this conflict is reflected in many societies across the world.


Choreography: Edhem Jesenković

Music and Composers: Basheskia (Leo Sarić / Nedim Zlatar)

Set Design: Adis Fejzić

Dancers: Mojca Majcen/Zulejha Kečo, Ognjen Vučinić, Ana Kuzmanović, Miona Petrović, Luka Ostrež and Emir Fejzić

Light design: 

Photographer: Velija Hasanbegović

Production: Balkan Dance Project, Živimo Balet Sarajevo, Festival Velenje, Festival Mess,  Pozorište Mladih Sarajevo  and Mojca Majcen 2022

The project is supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture and Sport of Sarajevo

Executive producer: Nataša Hajdarević

Premiere night: 5th of October 2022- Pozorište mladih Sarajevo

Shows: Sarajevo War Theatre BIH, Adriatic Festival of dance Budva, Montenegro 

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