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The dance performance “SVI MARŠ NA PLES" introduces us to an eclectic fictional world in which the songs of the ex-Yu band Bijelo Dugme become the basis for telling the story of an era and its generation. Since Bijelo Dugme's eternal musical inspiration was love, we couldn’t escape the fact that the backbone of this play should be love and love relationships, from those who long for those who live and those who are exhaling or belong to the nostalgic reflection of their heroes. 


The plot of this dynamic dance show is roughly set in an imaginary youth work brigade during a summer work action in the first half of the 1980s. 


The energy of the performers, as well as their commitment to modern ballet, with music by Goran Bregović and imaginative choreography are a guarantee of a fresh and innovative theatrical experience.

Choreographer: Igor Kirov

Music: Bijelo Dugme

Dramaturgy: Goran Golovko 

Costume design: Amela Radan

Light design: Ahmić Amir

Dancers: Emir Fejzić, Ana Kuzmanović, Teodora Radivojević, Zulejha Kečo, Mojca Majcen, Branko Mitrović, Luka Živković, Jakša Filipovac and Endi Schrotter

Producer: Nataša Hajdarević- BIH and Silvija Pirtovšek- SLO

Production: Živimo Balet Sarajevo , Festival Velenje (for it Barbara Pokorny- director) and Balkan Dance Project 2021


Premiere: 8th of May- Skenderija Sarajevo 


Shows: House of Culture Velenje; summer Festival, Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Summer Festival, Festival Purgatorije Tivat, Youth theatre Sarajevo

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