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The first and most frequently performed Slovenian ballet Možiček is on stage again this time in a contemporay version.


Overture RESTART by choreographer Gjergj Prevazi, which is an intertwining of classical and modern dance expression on three of Ipavec's compositions (Scherzo, Triglavska koračnica, Ave Maria), introduces us to the world of  Možiček. In a warm, homey, comic, almost archetypal love affair between young lovers, with the thought that a happy ending is not necessarily a wedding celebration. In Ipavec's Možiček, this time choreographed by Aleksandar Ilić, where we remain faithful to his musical proposals, we preserve love as the central motif, but we expand it into many possible expressions.




Josip Ipavec: Scherzo, Triglavska koračnica, Ave Maria 

Choreography: Gjergj Prevazi
Dancers: Mojca Majcen, Branko Mitrović, Jakša Filipovac 

Costumes: Gjergj Prevazi

Light design: Aleksander Plut 

Duration:  20 minutes 




Choreography: Aleksandar Ilić 

Dramaturgy: Nuša Komplet Peperko

Set design: Matija Kovač

Costume design: Aleksandra Karović 

Dancers: Mojca Majcen, Branko Mitrović, Jakša Filipovac, Patricija Crnkovič 

Musicians: Iztok Kocen (piano), Uroš Bičanin, (violine), Zoran Bičanin (cello), Miha Firšt (bas)

Music: Josip Ipavec I. Predigra, II. Polka, III. Valček, IV. Harlekin, V. Colombina and Pierrot, VI. Nova ljubezen , VII. Koračnica VIII. Ples deklet 

Light design: Aleksander Plut 

Duration:  30 minutes 

The project was created in an international co-production on the 100th anniversary of the composer's death in 2021, when we celebrated the year of Josip Ipavec.

Production: Balkan Dance Project, Festival Velenje, Hiša Kulture Celje , PUBS Serbia and Albanian Dance meeting 2021 

Executive producer: Silvija Pirtovšek

The project is supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Triglav Insurance company and Municipality of Celje 


Premiere night: 2nd of December 2021- Dom Kulture Velenje  and 27th of December 2021-Slovenian people theatre Celje

Shows: Ipavec cultural centre ŠentjurSlovenian theatre Celje, Cultural house Žalec , Duško Radović theatre Belgrade 

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